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Ethan Garner

Thank you for letting me know i can tell my dad now haha, by the way how old do you have to be to play full contact im not sure if there are rules or not to how old you have to be as i wish very much to play for the legendry Exils!!!

Jussi Saxholm

Hi! from Finland where polarbears are walkin in the streets. Go and see you find our team. we are now playing at final in our division. My best to sir.Kevin Newton!!!!!

Bradley Stevenson


Hi there guys, good to see that you have made it too the play offs please could one let me know if you are playing Oxford in your next game as i will try and come and watch as it is just down the road good luck BRAD


Hi Ethan.  Thanks for your comments and info about awards.  The Exiles Hall of Fame is still going strong, but it hasn't yet been added to our new website design.  This will be coming soon.  Go Exiles!

Ethan Garner

i know who one the defencive player of the year in 1993 and players player in 1992 it was my dad John garner who also has the trophies to prove it. John Garner was also the first player inducted to the Exils hall of fame buy the way what happend to the hall of fame im not moaning i just was really proud showing all my friends my dad. Hi Rob williams do you remember me i knew you as daddy rob my Dad says how ya doin?? get in touch with my email address

Paul Samartin

Thanks Paul, see you at one of the games soon mate!

Paul Barclay

Just wanted to say hi and goodluck for the season see you have had a great start and im hopeing to get down to a game soon.


Rob Davis

Wow! What an amazing game! Well done you Exiles!!

Its bizarre, I actually thought the Defence played well, it was the third down conversions and the scrambling from the Cats QB.

Wonderful day out!

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