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Kent Exiles Hall of Fame

Exiles Yearly Honour For Club Greats

The inauguaral members of 2005 at the coin toss

Every year since 2005 the Exiles have honoured one of our former members who has been an outstanding servant to the club by inducting them into the clubs Hall of Fame.

Each year the Hall of Fame Committee meets to decide on the enshrinee, players need to have been retired for three seasons, and coaches or staff for one season to be eligable.

Each member of the committee nominates three former greats to be shortlisted, and then the group picks the top three to go forward. These are then ranked by each member, and the one with the most votes is inducted.

Each year the club enshrines the new member at it's annual Hall of Fame Game, where they are asked to conduct the coin toss, and be the club's guest of honour. All former members are invited to watch the ceremony, and relive their past memories of the team.

Here you can read about each of the members so far, and if you'd like to have your say on the next inductee, then leave us a message in the guestbook!

We would like to thank every one of them for their contribution to the team.

Do you know the whereabouts of any of our ex members? Please get in touch if you do, as we have lost contact with many of them over the years, and we would love to be able to track them all down.

Mat Tompsett

Inducted: 2011
The 2011 inductee is Defensive Back Mat Tompsett


Matt Duncan

Inducted: 2010
The 2010 inductee is Quarterback Matt Duncan


Neil Reynolds

Inducted: 2009
The 2009 inductee is Tight End Neil Reynolds


Scott Aitchison

Inducted: 2008
The 2008 inductee is Linebacker Scott Aitchison


Simon Clarke

Inducted: 2007
The 2007 inductee is Statistician Simon Clarke


Julian Wates

Inducted: 2006
The 2006 inductee is Running Back and Defensive Lineman Julian Wates


Dan Dart

Inducted: 2005
The 2005 inductee is Quarterback Dan Dart


John Garner

Inducted: 2004
The inaugural class of 2004 inductee is Linebacker John Garner


Nick Cursley

Inducted: 2004
The inaugural class of 2004 inductee is Coach Nick Cursley


Peter Fisher

Inducted: 2004
The inaugural class of 2004 inductee is Linebacker Peter Fisher


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