Nick Cursley

Inducted: 2004

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Name: Nick Cursley

Number: 40

Position: Tight End, Quarterback, and Head Coach

Years at Club: 1994-98, 2000-02

Coaching Record: 2-22-1

Records Held as of 2004:

Career Statistics: 
Passing – 4 of 18, 31 yards
Receiving – 3 for 28 yards
Tackles – 4 unassisted, 1 assists
Fumble rec – 1 for 6 yards
Pass defence - 1

Coaches Award 1997

Nick was never the most talented player, but he will go down in history as one of the clubs finest members.
Despite never being a starter, Nick never missed training and did what he could to help the club, whilst learning the game from a player’s perspective.
Nick moved into coaching quickly and efficiently, immediately earning respect for his knowledge of the game. He was the Offensive co-ordinator for the Exiles first winning season, when his QB was rated #1 in the country, and 3 wide receivers made the top 10.
Nick left the club in 1999 to finish a masters degree, but came back in 2000 when the club was at it’s lowest to lead the revival, his coaching record does not do him justice as these were the Exiles rebuilding years, and as you can see from our 2003-04 results a good foundation was laid.
Nick was also a fine holder for PAT and FG attempts!

Most memorable moment:
Nick was proud to be a special guest of the Exiles on the sideline of the 2005 championship game in recognition of his laying the foundations of that team. 
He'd also tell you he was just proud to be an Exile.