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Terrible Weather and a Worse Result

Oxford Saints 26-0 Kent Exiles


Kerry Grey enjoyed the conditions and led the defensive line

The Exiles traveled to Oxford for a replay of their 2005 division 2 semi final clash, but this time came home without the win after battling a tough Oxford defence and the terrible weather conditions on the day. The game started well for the Exiles, despite the rain hammering down from the opening kick-off, as they drove the length of the field to the Saints 5 yard line, but an interception of quarterback Damian Marshall, one of four on the day, halted the drive.

The Saints offence then set to work, and being based on a power running game it was more suited to the conditions than the Exiles balanced attack. A good drive led to Chris Taylor powering in from the 4 yard line, and a 6-0 lead. Marshall’s second interception then gave the Saints good field position, and led to a 19 yard scamper from Brian Myers for the second touchdown. Adam Newman hit the point after and it was 13-0 Saints. Another good Exiles drive was then halted on a turnover, this time one of the 11 fumbles on the day by both teams, just showing how bad the conditions were.

The Saints then pounded the ball again, and this time looked to have been stopped short of the touchdown on fourth down until a late, and dubious, refereeing decision gave the touchdown. It was Myers again, this time from a yard out. Newman again booted the point after for a 20-0 half time lead. The second half began the same way, another fumble leading to a short pitch for the Saints, and Taylor ran in from the 1 yard line for a 26-0 lead.

But the Exiles defence was showing that the half time adjustments were paying dividends, and the defensive line led by Kerry Grey’s 8 tackles started to hold the Saints power attack more and more as the half went on, and prevented any further scoring. So it was down to the Exiles offence to pull the game out of the bag, but despite four drives into Saint territory, and two into the redzone, they frustratingly came up short each time.

Both teams battled terrible conditions

Following the game Exiles Head Coach Craig Ramsay commented, “As a team we needed to adjust earlier, not only to the Saints, but also the conditions. We showed in the second half that this game could have been a lot closer, but we were not as prepared as we should have been.” The Exiles season has not got off to the start it wanted, and next they face the undefeated Farnham Knights away in Aldershot looking for the first victory, before a home game against the Colchester Gladiators. Full details of all the Exiles matches can be found on their website,

Game Most Valuable Players
Offence – Garry Dillon, Running Back 
Defence – Mark Vickers, Linebacker 
Special Teams – Jerry Hughes, Offensive Line

Selected Game Statistics

Damian Marshall - 2 of 10 for 9 yards, 4int

Garry Dillon - 13 for 78 yards 
Stewart Muir - 9 for 69 yards 
Glen Boyle - 1 for 10 yards

Stewart Muir - 2 for 9 yards

Aaron Alexis – 9 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery 
Kerry Grey - 8 tackles 
Mark Vickers – 7 tackles 
Pat Turner – 5 tackles, 1 interception, 2 pass defences


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