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Kent Knocked Out by Knights

Farnham Knights 65-0 Kent Exiles


Aaron Alexis once again led the Exiles defence

The Kent Exiles crashed to their fourth successive defeat at the hands of the division leading Farnham Knights on Sunday. The Knights are now secure at the top of the division, and look firm favourites to win the finals in September.

The Exiles took the opening kick-off and stunned the Knights by driving the length of the pitch behind passes from Damian Marshall to Martin Jefkins, Stewart Muir and Mark Evans, but the drive stalled in the redzone, and the Exiles came away without any points after Marshall was intercepted in the endzone. This was to prove the closest the Exiles would get for some time, as the Knights then dominated the game from that point on scoring 9 touchdowns, converting them all. Their scores came from Kingsley Ejiogu (3), Gavin Hart, Ali Reid, Jon Wyse, Paul Wakeford, Andy Crowther and Oliver Howes.

The Exiles were to come close once more after Steve Morrison forced a fumble which was recovered by Aaron Alexis, who once again led the defence with 10 tackles, and then Marshall hit Sean Starwind with a 38 yard pass. But once again the Knights defence held firm and the Exiles could not punch it in from inside the 10 yard line.

Following the game the Exiles were in reflective mood, “there is no doubt the Knights are the best team in this division” commented Head Coach Craig Ramsay, “we’re disappointed not to have kept the score down a little more, but my team could not have given much more than they did. We’re now focussed on playing the Gladiators next, that’s a result that many are now predicting will decide who is relegated, a battle we did not want to be in this season!”

Selected Game Statistics

Damian Marshall – 8 of 28 for 117 yards, 3int 
Joel Grundy – 1 of 6 for 5 yards 
Sean Starwind – 1 of 1 for 4 yards

Stewart Muir – 3 for 17 yards 
Damian Marshall – 3 for 13 yards

Stewart Muir – 3 for 34 yards 
Martin Jefkins – 2 for 32 yards 
Darren Durup – 2 for 7 yards 
Sean Starwind – 1 for 38 yards

Aaron Alexis – 10 tackles, 1 fumble recovery 
Marc Sandell – 8 tackles 
Randol Smith – 4 tackles 
Stuart Collings – 4 tackles


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