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Cardinal Defeat Puts Pressure on Exiles

Ipswich Cardinals 16-12 Kent Exiles

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The Kent Exiles crashed to defeat at Ipswich on Sunday, and once again lost their foothold on the play-off ladder.

The Cardinals were a different team to the one the Exiles had comfortably beaten earlier in the season, and it was their recent signings at quarterback and receiver who made the difference in the game.

DL Dave Maisey

DL Dave Maisey makes his prescence felt

Both teams started well, especially on defence, and it took until the second quarter for any scoring. A good drive from the Exiles was finished off with a great catch in the endzone from quarterback Aaron Griffiths to veteran tight end Glen Boyle.

But with only minutes to go in the half the Cardinals came back into it, some good running made them ground, and then Byron Washington leapt to make a catch on the Exiles 3 yard line with two Exiles defenders with him, Washington was immediately tackled, but amazingly the officials ruled that he landed on top of an Exile defender, and had not touched the ground before rolling into the endzone, so ruled a touchdown, and a 6-6 tie at the half.

The second half saw the undermanned Exiles defensive line tire, and the Cardinals power running game from Paul Borstel and two-way star Adam Van Der Zanden made headway, before Washington again scored, this time from 12 yards out.

By this time the Exiles offence could not gain any ground, and despite good defensive stands on several occasions, the Exiles let the Cardinals get within range, and a 23 yard field goal was kicked for a 16-6 lead.

Knowing they had to score the Exiles finally found some rhythm, and a drive which saw Ryan Kelly and Sean Starwind make some key catches from Griffiths was finished off by a 10 yard catch by Stewart Muir.

With only just over a minute left in the game the Exiles lined up for the onside kick, and looked to have recovered it with a great play from Marlon Smith, but in the ensuing scramble the Cardinals wrenched the ball loose, and the officials ruled the Cardinals had possession, and therefore the game.

Following the game Exiles Head Coach Norman Navarro commented, “We have to congratulate the Cardinals, they played a tough game, and came up with key plays when they needed them. I’m sure their remaining games will all be tough for their opposition”.

The Exiles now face the Sussex Thunder at home in a must win game, victory would all but seal a play-off place, but defeat would seal their failure to qualify. Full details of the Exiles season can be found at


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