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Undermanned Exiles Suffer at hands of Cardinals

Ipswich Cardinals 47-2 Kent Exiles


Kerry Grey rumbled 87 yards for the Exiles only points

The Kent Exiles travelled to Ipswich for the rematch against the Cardinals, and the unusually undermanned squad suffered a heavy defeat.

It was once again the Exiles offence which struggled, unable to find any rhythm, and caused problems by the Blitz happy Cardinals defence and Adam van der Zanden in particular.

On the other side of the ball the Exiles defence fared better, several turnovers were forced but the luck did not always go with them as only three of six forced fumbles were recovered to go with interceptions from Paul Samartin and Pat Turner.

Despite the good play the Exiles defence was constantly under pressure as the offence threw an amazing six interceptions, and the Cardinals capitalised.

Their American Quarterback Chris Jackson had another stellar day, throwing for 169 yards and five touchdowns, unusually all to different receivers, and they were split by two running scores. Van Der Zanden added to his great performance by kicking 5 of 7 point after tries as well.

It was to be on the last of these seven attempts that the undoubted play of the game occured though. Van Der Zanden scuffed his kick into the line where it was snaffled up by Exiles defensive lineman Kerry Grey. Spotting his opportunity Grey sprinted from the mass of bodies and set off for the endzone some 87 yards away. The speedy Cardinals gave chase, but Grey showed an amazing turn of speed himself and with Aaron Alexis, Pat Turner and Darren Nana in convoy, each getting a key block, Grey carried the last tackler with him into the endzone for a well earned two points, as well as a BAFL Player of the Week nomination.

Following the game Head Coach Craig Ramsay commented, "26 bodies was just not enough today, we couldn't change the game up or adjust in any way to combat the Cardinals. Having averaged 39 players at every other game it was a very unusual situation for us to be in. Having said that we had some good perfomances, and some guys stepped up, particularly Darren Nana who started his first game, and Adam Chapman who recorded 9 tackles, so as always we have some positives to take into our final game of the season against the Thunder in two weeks".

Full details of that game, or the Exiles in general, can be found on the clubs website

Selected Game Statistics

Joel Grundy - 4 of 21 for 50 yards, 5 int
Paul Samartin - 0 of 6, 1 int

Paul Crawford - 7 for 31 yards
Paul Samartin - 1 for 6 yards
Alan Hands - 1 for 3 yards

Stewart Muir - 2 for 17 yards
Martin Jefkins - 1 for 30 yards
Stephen Johnson - 1 for 3 yards

Aaron Alexis - 13 tackles, 1 fumble recovery
Paul Samartin - 10 tackles, 1 int for 6 yards
Adam Chapman - 9 tackles
Kerry Grey - 8 tackles, 1 pass defence, 1 blocked kick returned 87 yards for 2 point conversion
Carl Alexis - 5 tackles, 1 sack
Pat Turner - 3 tackles, 1 pass defence, 1 int for 42 yards


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