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Exiles Defence Sends Gladiators Down

Colchester Gladiators 7-12 Kent Exiles


The Kent Exiles all but doomed the Gladiators to relegation with a hard faught victory in Colchester. The Gladiators faught tooth and nail, knowing a loss would almost certainly result in their demise to division 2, unless they can pull off a real shock result in their remaining three games.

The Turner Brothers secured the Exiles secondary

In a game where defences were on top for the majority, it was fitting that the first score should be a defensive one. Unfortunately for the Exiles it was the Gladiators Scott Taylor who secured it, on a 44 yard return of a Joel Grundy interception. Richard Thomas kicked the point after, and the small crowd erupted as the Gladiators took the lead.

This spurred the Exiles offence into action though, strong running from Stewart Muir and Michael Omeru, interspersed by catches from Martin Jefkins, led to a 3 yard rumble by Tony Bainbridge for the score. Michael Turner's point after was blocked, so the Gladiators still led 7-6.

It was then the turn of the Exiles defence as a Pat Turner interception, one of four on the day by the Exiles, handed the ball back to the Exiles. A short drive later and Grundy found Muir in the endzone with a diving catch for the score. The 2 point conversion was just short, but the Exiles had the lead they would not relinquish.

The remainder of the game was bossed by the Exiles defence, as they barely let the Gladiators move the ball, whilst although the offence started drives they could not sustain them, and the game finished with the 12-7 scoreline.

Following the game Exiles Head Coach Craig Ramsay commented, "the defence played very well today, it never looked like the Gladiators were going to breach it. We struggled a little on offence, partly due to good play by the Gladiators, but we never really found our rhythm today".

The Exiles now have a week off before taking on the Sussex Thunder at home in Crockenhill on the 22nd July, full details can be found on the exiles website,

Selected Game Statistics

Joel Grundy - 2 of 10 for 14 yards, 1td, 1int
Tony Bainbridge - 3 of 13 for 34 yards, 2int

Stewart Muir - 13 for 56 yards
Paul Crawford - 5 for 45 yards
Tony Bainbridge - 9 for 32 yards, 1td
Michael Omeru - 13 for 31 yards

Martin Jefkins - 3 for 34 yards
Stewart Muir - 2 for 14 yards, 1td

Aaron Alexis - 8 tackles, 1int for 9 yards, 2 pass defence
Mark Vickers - 6 tackles
Alan Hands - 5 tackles, 1int for 4 yards
Pat Turner - 5 tackles, 1int for 15 yards
Kerry Gray - 4 tackles, 1 sack for 1 yard
Paul Samartin - 4 tackles, 1 sack for 5 yards


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