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Franklin's Mint as Olympians cruise past Exiles

Kent Exiles 0-49 London Olympians


Linebacker Paul 'Leaping Salmon' Samartin Returns his Interception 15 yards

The national champion London Olympians visited Crockenhill on Sunday and made it four losses from four games for the Exiles against division 1 opponents.


Luckily for the Exiles the games versus the division 1 teams do not count in the playoff standings, so at 2 wins and 2 losses against their division 1a rivals they are still firmly in the playoff picture, which the final two games of the season will either confirm or deny them that honour in their first season outside of the bottom division.

The first half turned out to be a one sided affair, despite the Exiles taking the ball first and driving some 30 yards, whilst the Exiles defence halted the first two Olympian drives. The defending national champions then opened out their offence and scored 42 unanswered points.

Running touchdowns from Gareth Dualy (9 yards), Michael Sobanjo (59 yards) and Issam Affourey (1 yard) were complemented by passing touchdowns from Alex Lineham to Simon Jolly (16 yards) and then Stuart Franklin to Junior Price (24 yards) and Iain Jacquet (1 yard). The Olympians also recorded a safety from Sakani Goppy.

The third quarter saw the games final score when Franklin hit Clive Palumbo from 9 yards out, and after that the game petered out slightly as both teams cancelled each other out.

High spots for the Exiles all came in this second half as Mark Evans recorded his third int of the year, against the team he graduated as a junior from some 7 years ago, and when Paul Samartin lept 'like a salmon' to grab his first int of the season.

Following the game Exiles Head Coach James Mitchell commented "we played some good football today, and we came together as a team again following our dissapointing performance aginst the Cardinals a couple of weeks ago. Now we have a weeks practice before two games on the trot which will define our season".

The Exiles play the Chiltern Cheetahs at home on the 6th August next, and then the Ipswich Cardinals on the 13th August. Both previous games had been settled by only one score, so both should be hard fought affairs, especially as they will not only decide the pay-off places, but also who is relegated back to division 2.

Full details can be found on the Exiles website,

Game MVP's
Offence - Paul Pester - Offensive Line
Defence - Paul Samartin - Linebacker
Special Teams - Paul Clayborn - Defensive Line

Selected Game Statistics

Matt Duncan 6 of 24 for 48 yards, 2 int
Joel Grundy 1 of 6 for 5 yards, 1 int

Stewart Muir 14 for 52 yards
Alan Hands 5 for 19 yards

Alan Hands 2 for 10 yards
Stewart Muir 2 for 5 yards
Sean Starwind 1 for 22 yards

Paul Samartin 7 tackles, 1 int for 15 yards
Aaron Alexis 6 tackles
Michael Turner 5 tackles
Mark Evans 5 tackles, 1 int for 11 yards
Paul Clayborn 4 tackles, 1 fumble recovery for 15 yards
Jordan Cropper 1 forced fumble
Paul Barclay 1 blocked PAT

Total Offence
Exiles - 125 yards (72 rush, 53 pass)
Olympians - 343 yards (195 rush, 148 pass)


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