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Grundy Sunday Funday

Kent Exiles 41-5 Colchester Gladiators


The Exiles cruised past the Gladiators to maintain their unbeaten season, and in doing so confirmed the final play-off place in the South East division would go to the Essex Spartans, by eliminating the Gladiators from contention.

The day started well for the Exiles, after winning the coin toss, they drove down the pitch in confident mood, and scored on a 16-yard run by Stewart Muir, Mat Tompsett kicked the extra point, and the Gladiators were 7-0 down without touching the ball.

The Exiles defence then came to the fore, easily repelling the Gladiators attack, with Paul Samartin and Tompsett making some bone jarring hits. The Gladiators then lined up to punt, but a great rush by Scott Lawrence saw him not only block the kick, but also scoop up the loose ball, break a tackle, and rumble 30-yards for the touchdown, Tompsett was again good, and it was 14-0.

This was how most of the game was to look for the Gladiators, who despite making the odd first down, were punished by the Exiles defence all day. Whilst the explosive Exiles offence put points on the board almost at will, despite the sudden deluges of rain that plagued the day.

The Exiles next touchdown was to come via Muir again, this time on a 1-yard run, following a good drive built on Garry Dillon's running, the veteran back finishing the game with 103 yards on his 11 carries.

The Exiles next drive saw them reach the Gladiators 3-yard line, from where they got the chance to try out their “heavy-jumbo” play, which saw Samartin crash over for the touchdown, Tompsett kicked again, and it was 27-0.

Gary Ead and Simon Mackerill combined to halt the Gladiators next drive, before the offence scored again before the half. Muir again following the blocks of Stephen Johnson and Paul Pester to spring him for a 44-yard touchdown, and round out his day with 116-yards on his 10 carries.

The second half started just as well for the Exiles, runs by Dillon, Lee Nash and Martin Jefkins set up Joel Grundy to throw his first touchdown pass in a league game to Alex Campbell from 16-yards out. It capped a fine day for the rookie who was starting his first game, and finished it with an amazing Quarterback rating of 158.33.

The Exiles defence held firm again, a sack by Stuart Collings ending the Gladiators drive, but then on the ensuing punt the Exiles gave away a safety when Roy Hall fielded the ball on the 1-yard line, and lateralled the ball across the pitch to Michael Turner. The referees adjudged that the pass had been forwards though, and as Halls foot had been over the endzone line that this was an illegal forward pass in the endzone, and therefore a safety to the Gladiators.

By now it was the fourth quarter, and the Exiles had the game won easily and were using the full depth of their squad. Jonathan Weller had come in at Quarterback, and despite Xavier Heckel racking up 37-yards on his 3 carries, the Exiles did not find another score. The Gladiators however returned the punt into Exiles territory, from where Jay Hope nailed a 37-yard field goal to give the final score of 41-5.

Following the game Exiles Head Coach Phil Wood commented “It was another good performance today, the offensive line were in awesome form, and at times it seemed as though we moved the ball at will. Joel (Grundy) did us proud in his first start, and the whole team pulled together again today to get us the victory”.

The Exiles now face local rivals the Maidstone Pumas on the 28th August in their final match of the regular season. The Game is at the Exiles home ground in Orpington, and admission is free, so why not check out the Exiles website for directions and come and see if they can round out a perfect season by winning before marching into the play-offs the following week.

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter – Exiles – Stewart Muir 16-yard run, Mat Tompsett PAT good
1st Quarter – Exiles - Scott Lawrence 30-yard return of blocked punt, Mat Tompsett PAT good
2nd Quarter – Exiles - Stewart Muir 1-yard run
2nd Quarter – Exiles – Paul Samartin 3-yard run, Mat Tompsett PAT good
2nd Quarter – Exiles – Stewart Muir 44-yard run, Mat Tompsett PAT good
3rd Quarter – Exiles – Alex Campbell 16-yard pass from Joel Grundy, Mat Tompsett PAT good
4th Quarter – Gladiators – 2 point Safety, illegal forward pass in endzone
4th Quarter – Gladiators – Jay Hope 37-yard field goal

Most Valuable players – Sponsored by

Offence – Joel Grundy, Quarterback
Defence – Mat Tompsett, Linebacker
Special Teams – Scott Lawrence, Defensive Line


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