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Exiles Triumph over London Warriors!


Sunday August 2nd saw the Kent Exiles Juniors take on the London Warriors. This game was originally scheduled to be against the Solent Thrashers, however due to poor numbers Solent were forced to drop out, and instead the Exiles played a playoff tune up game against the division 1 London Warriors.

The game got off to the perfect start, with the exiles defense forcing a three and out thanks to strong tackling from Olly Gadd, Imraj Singh, Bryn Cotter and Eoin Hunt. The Offense saw to make the most of this opportunity, With QB James Cook finding TE Tom Lee for the games first touchdown. 6-0 Exiles. The defensive dominance continued, with great pass defense from Euan Johnston and Alex O’Halloran, the ball was once again given to the offense, where Tom Lee once again scored on a long catch and run, leaving the defense behind whilst WR Yani Ourabah paved the way with great blocking. 12-0 Exiles. This pattern continued for the rest of the half, great blocking from Savior Onuorah, Hamish Elliott, Joe Jebb, Stefan Rabicano, Harry Costin and Sam Harley paved the way for a James Cook touchdown run down on the goal line. 18-0 Exiles. Great running and catching from Sean Seeds put the offense in great position to score two more touchdowns through the air before half time, one to Seeds and one to Yani Ourabah. The Warriors were able to score on a short pass play just before half time, leaving the score at 34-6 Exiles.

The second half was one used for adjustment and learning purposes going into the postseason for the Exiles, rotating lots of players in and getting important reps in against a division 1 team. The Offense were unable to score in the second half but moved the ball down the field on most drives. The Defense continued their valiant effort and surrendered only one touchdown for the rest of the day. This brought the game to a close, final score Exiles 34-12 Warriors.

The young Exiles will play their playoff Quarter final game on Sunday the 16th August at the Beaverwood club and look to continue to work towards their goal of a national championship.


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