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Exiles shocked at the loss of Reece Burrowes


The Kent Exiles were shocked and stunned this week by the loss of one of their Youth/Junior players, Reece Burrowes.

Exiles shocked at the loss of Reece Burrowes

Reece, 17, was a key member of the Exiles Youth team in 2015, helping them to a third successive divisional title. Reece played against all opponents in 2015, however, arguably his best game was against Chorley Buccaneers, at the National Finals at Britbowl, Doncaster, in September.

Reece was a bright and cheerful young man, extremely popular within the team, and a great team player. He showed great potential, and had already participated in Junior practice, where he had been impressing team-mates and coaches alike.

He was instantly recognisable through his trademark Afro hairstyle and the constant smile on his face, and he will be greatly missed by everybody in the team who knew him.

Reece started the season as a wide receiver, however, it was quickly realised that his best position was running back, and he often found extra yards which seemed impossible. He started in #55, but finished the year in #82, and this number has been retired by the Exiles at Youth level, as a mark of respect.

He was constantly helping and encouraging team-mates, and to recognise this, the Youth team will be fund-raising throughout 2016, for a charity jointly chosen by the Youth team and Reece's family. His initials will also be worn on the lids of the Youth team, and any other Exile who wishes to participate in this.

Reece's passing has obviously hit the Youth team very hard, but they will continue to compete at NL level in 2016. Reece Burrowes will always be with them.

(Written by Exiles Youth Coach, Julius Hobbs)

Many Exiles gathered at Orpington Rugby Club on Thursday 10th December to pay their respects to Reece. Watch the video below to understand just how much Reece meant to the team...


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