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Exiles Victorious in Battle with the Warriors!


Sunday the 12th June saw the Kent Exiles Juniors take on the London Warriors at the Beaverwood club, in what would be their 3rd game of the season. As it turned out, the conditions were unkind, and heavy rain battered the field long before kick off and intermittently throughout the game. However, football stops for nothing, and at 12:20, the game began.

The Exiles defense were first to take the field, and outstanding tackling from Bryn Cotter, Olly Gadd and Nathan Wilson made way for a short Warriors drive, ending in Wilson recovering a fumble for the Exiles. Now it was the offense’s turn, but they were unable to return the favour from the defense, and were forced to punt. Excellent pass-rushing skills from Hamish Elliott, Harry Costin and Sam Harley made sure the Warriors didn’t capitalise, returning the ball to the Exiles. This time, the offense did not disappoint, as solid blocking from Jacques O’Dwyer and rookie Nathan Farmer paved the way for Running Backs Prince Wynter and Franco Di Nola, putting the Exiles in great field position. The drive resulted in a TD pass from QB James Cook to WR Connor Hassan. 6-0 Exiles. The first half saw much of the same defensive play, leaving the score at halftime at 6-0.

Juniors Warriors 1

However, this continued for too long, and the Warriors finally found their way onto the scoreboard in the second half off a long run from the Warriors Running Back. 6-6. The Exiles recognised the sense of urgency, and great catching and running from Regan Alexis and Tom Lee put the Exiles in the redzone. QB Cook found the endzone a few plays later to give the Exiles a 6 point lead. A long drive from the offense in the 4th Quarter chewed up most of the clock, but failed to end in any points. Now it was the Defense’s turn to close the game out. A nail-biting final drive from the Warriors with less than 2 minutes remaining, under the relentless rain, was tough to watch for the Exiles sideline. Defensive Backs Liam Riley, Sam Adams, Euan Johnston, Rael Green-Thompson and Gareth Norman ultimately put the game to bed, as Norman intercepted the Warriors Quarterback with 11 seconds remaining in the game. A final knee closed out the game, and the Exiles were victorious. Final score: 12-6 Exiles.

Juniors Warriors 2

A hard fought win for the Exiles, who look to keep this momentum going into their next game against The Solent Thrashers on July 17th at the Beaverwood Club.

(Match report written by Pete Cook)

Photos from the game can be viewed by clicking on the following link - Photo Gallery.

(News article published by Mark Lawrence)


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