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Exiles Youth are Conference Champions again!


Youth Champions 2016

The Kent Exiles final Youth tournament of the regular season, saw them visiting the London Warriors. The Exiles had already been given a boost, with the news that Wembley had pulled out, so they already had the one win that they needed to make the post-season.
After the Warriors and Blitz played out their match, the Exiles lined up against the London Blitz. In the same vein as the EKM tournament, the Exiles came out fast, and behind further good blocking, the Kent side took the lead through a strong run by Josh Quartey. The Exiles defence continued from the last tournament, shutting down the Blitz offence, with strong tackling from Sean Lewis, Michal Krawczak, Alfie West and Luke Martin. 
The Exiles extended their lead when, given time by centre Sedier Al-Kiar, QB Andrew Bews found receiver James Suraille in the Blitz end-zone. The PAT attempt was intercepted and returned by the Blitz defence, in what was to prove to be their only score of the game. The Blitz offence rallied, with a long pass putting them inside the Exiles 5 yard line, however, in a magnificent stand, the Exiles defence held firm, shutting out the Blitz wide-outs, and ensuring a 12-0 half-time lead.
The Exiles again started brightly in the second half, and a further run from Josh Quartey extended the lead, the PAT catch made by Nathan Farmer. The Kent defence continued to hold firm, and the Exiles extended their advantage when QB Callum O'Neill found WR Russell Oriunuta in acres of space, and he raced to score. The PAT was added by a magnificent catch from rookie Arronne Duncan, who caught the ball and stretched into the end-zone in one movement.
This closed out the game, the Exiles running out 26-2 victors.

Youth Champions 1

Holding all of the tie-breakers, the Exiles knew that they were again Divisional Champions, for the fourth year in succession. They still had to complete their season however, and faced the London Warriors looking for the win to improve their Britbowl seeding.

The Exiles continued where they left off against the Blitz, with strong defence, and hard running supported by accurate passing. This paid off when Russell Oriunuta was found again by Andrew Bews in the end-zone. The PAT was again added by another marvellous catch by Duncan, showing great awareness to double tap his feet in-bounds to ensure that he scored. 
Theo Alexis ran particularly well this half, almost breaking through for a length of the field score. This drive was finished off by Josh Quartey, giving the Exiles a 13-0 half-time lead.
Immediately on the resumption, the Exiles struck again, with a fabulous pass from Bews to Oriunuta. The rest of the half saw the Exiles maintain the distance between the teams, using their strong run game and stout defence, finishing the regular season on a high, winning the game 19-0, and ending with a 10-2 record.

Youth Champions 2

Exiles Head Coach Julius Hobbs said," To finish top of the pile again, with a fourth consecutive divisional title is a fantastic achievement, and the coaches and players should be congratulated on all their hard work this year. The players have really shown great commitment and fortitude this year, and they deserve all of the success that they have achieved. In addition, we have had great support from our sideline this season, and I'd like to thank everyone who has come to support and cheer us on."

He continued, "I'd like to thank the Blitz and Warriors for another great day of football, and now we must focus on getting the team ready for the challenges that await at the National Championships in Sheffield, in September. The continuation of the hard work starts now."

Youth Champions 3

We are always happy to hear from any coaches or players interested in joining the Exiles. We can be contacted via the club website, or by e-mailing


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