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The Exiles are going to Britbowl!


Sunday 14th August saw the Birmingham Lions come to the Beaverwood Club to take on the Exiles Juniors for the national semi final.

Exiles Juniors Semi Final 1

The Exiles were fresh off a huge upset victory over the London Blitz the week before, and were hungry for more. The Offense would get the ball first, and it looked like a fast start, until a fumble on the third play from scrimmage killed the drive and the defense were forced to come out. However, the No.1 defense in the country lived up to its name, as the Lions were forced to punt after only 3 short plays. This time, the Offense did not disappoint, as WR Connor Hassan made a huge reception down the sideline to set the Exiles up in Lions territory. Consistent receptions from Yani Ourabah and Henry Young put the offense in scoring position, as Connor Hassan made the most of the opportunity, catching a TD pass from QB James Cook for the game’s first points. 6-0 Exiles. The Lions quickly answered back however with a TD pass of their own, the PAT was good, 7-6 Lions. The Exiles weren’t down for long though, as Connor Hassan returned the resulting kickoff 90 yards to put the Exiles back in the lead. The 2-point attempt was good, 14-7 Exiles. The Defense corrected any mistakes they had made previously, and shut down the Lions offensive attack, putting the offense once again into scoring position. With this position, QB James Cook found WR Yani Ourabah for a deep TD reception that strengthened the Exiles grip on the game. 20-6 Exiles at the half.

The second half saw a Birmingham side that just refused to give up, as the Lions offense came out on the field and quickly scored. The PAT attempt was blocked by LB Nathan Wilson. 20-13 Exiles. The Exiles offense went 3 and out to start the half, and the Lions dominated possession, giving the Exiles just one more opportunity late in the game to seal the victory. This was where Henry Young took a reverse late in the game to the endzone for the final score, finishing the game 26-13 in favour of the Exiles, and confirming their place in the National Championship game!

Exiles Juniors Semi Final 2

The National Championship "Britbowl" game will be held at the Sixways Stadium in Worcester on Saturday the 27th August against the East Kilbride Pirates.

(Match report written by James Cook)

We are always happy to hear from any coaches or players interested in joining the Exiles. We can be contacted via the club website, or by e-mailing

(News article published by Mark Lawrence)


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