Would you like to get involved?

Without our dedicated team of volunteers and helpers, there would be no Exiles!  

How many volunteers does it take to stage a successful game of American football? The answer is probably a lot more than you would think. Staging a game of American football is lot more than just getting the players kitted and ready to play, if only it was that simple. To offer a credible and memorable game day experience there are a multitude of roles that need to be filled, this is where you can step into the breech and take on a hugely rewarding role that gets you closer to the action than any of our spectators. 

On game day, the Exiles need the following helpers:

Chain Crew (the people that hold the sticks to show the down and distance)
Ball Boys/Girls
Water Carriers
Scoreboard keeper
Game Day Stewards
Programme Sellers
Filming Matches
Merchandise Sellers 
BBQ Operators

There are also other 'off the field' or 'strategic' roles to be undertaken with/by the club committee such as:

Media and Marketing

If you'd like to become part of the team, get in close to the action, and help put the Exiles on the map then we would love to hear from you! No prior experience is necessary, and the roles available are not those exclusivly listed above, please get in touch if you think you could help in any way. Go Exiles!

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