The who, why, what and when of Kent Exiles AFC

The Kent Exiles offer access to, what we consider to be, the “Greatest Team Sport in the World” for both boys & girls/men & women from ages 7 upwards. Formed in 1990 in Edenbridge with a dedicated group of twenty die-hard American Football fans, the club now numbers over three-hundred members across its different sections. We have teams at Adult kitted, (18+); Women’s kitted, (16+); Junior kitted, (16-19); Youth kitted, (14-16); Youth Flag, (11-14); and Cadet Flag, (7-11). We have seen remarkable growth in all sections over the past few years.

This season sees the Adult Kitted team, under Head Coach John Moore, compete for the first time in the BAFA National Leagues Premier Division, the top tier of British American Football. The Exiles gained promotion last year off the back of a strong season which saw them become Division One Southern Conference Champions.

As a club, the Exiles put a strong focus on Youth development and that is reflected in the strength of our Junior & Youth programs. The Juniors, led by Head Coach Aaron Alexis, claimed a National Championship in 2016, and, following a restructure, convincingly captured the inaugural Division Two U-19 Junior title in 2018. Our Youth program has been strong for several years and last year we put out two separate teams – the Rebels & the Outlaws – due to the number of players available. Both teams performed amazingly, with the more experienced Rebels going undefeated throughout the regular season and ranking #1 in the entire country; and the younger, less experienced Outlaws defying expectations to make the Britbowl plate finals. We expect great things from our young Exiles in 2019!

The newest section of the Exiles, our women’s squad continues to grow both in numbers and talent. Our ladies just recently made the Sapphire Series Division 2 Finals in only their 3rd season of competition. A great achievement and a credit to the club!

Last, but definitely not least, is our Cadet & Youth Flag programs for 7-14 year-olds. Run by a dedicated team of coaches, our youngest Exiles are probably our most enthusiastic and energetic squad and compete in tournaments across the South-East. Countless boys & girls have gotten their introduction to football through these flag programs and it is inspiring to see how the sport brings them out of their shells by stressing the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

We are very lucky at the Exiles to have a group of outstanding Coaches & Volunteers without whom none of this would be possible. We strive to offer a welcoming, inclusive experience for all. We can offer high-quality coaching with several of our coaching staff being a part of the GB Lions National Programme. Recent opportunities have opened up allowing some of our coaches and staff to work at schools throughout Kent, bringing football to a whole new audience. We are always looking for new people to come and join us to make our journey even greater! If you have an interest in American Football and want to get involved, then the Exiles may be the club for you!

Once an Exile; Always an Exile!