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Kent Exiles AFC Roster season 2019 – 2020

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Harry Kent1K/P/RB
Ian Whitehead2DB
Viktor Toth3QB
Zac Ritchie4QB
Wesley Eversley5RB
Adam Lillis6WR
James Cook7QB
Tai Tokes8DB
Jared Gray9WR
Tom Lee10TE
Thomas Evans11WR
Daniel Exell12RB
Daniel Symons14RB
Lee Morgan15DL
John-Paul Argyriou17QB
Matthew Barber-Street18WR
Richard Matkins20DB
Euan Johnston21DB
Liam Alford22LB
Giles Kennedy23DB
Olly Gadd24DB
Quinn Prior25WR
George Eghator26RB
Daniel Raeburn27DB
Robert Mitchell28RB
Robin Barber Street29WR
Keith Isaac31LB
Mike Carrigan32RB
Nick Mayer33DB
Greg Jones34DB
Chris Sofokleous35DB
Bayley O’Rourke36DB
James Surallie38WR
Jay Henderson40DB
Charles Mulvihill42DB
Marlon Smith44DB
Joe Jebb45LB
Johnny Ndumbe46DB
Adam Pearson51OL
Theo Coleman-Brown55LB
Joe Alexis56LB
Eoin Hunt57LB
Austin Walker58DL
Jon Gadbury59OL
Savior Onuorah60DL
Mario Borza62DL
Andrew Stock63DL
Lewis Whitcombe64DL
George Obiagwu65DL
Joe Edwards70OL
Jamie Al-Ali71OL
Joe Collins72OL
Sam Hollands74OL
Joel Boyes75OL
James Spark76DL
Gareth Rees77OL
James Webb78DL
Daniel Gray79OL
Michael Maguire80WR
James Bertram-Smith81TE
Sean Baker82WR
Mujtaba Hussain83WR
Danny Burke84WR
Jordan Hibbert85WR
Aaron Whitworth86WR
Sam Johnson87WR
Danny Whitfield89WR
Johnny Ndumbe92LB
Phil Dewhurst95DL
Teddy Bessick97LB
Oliver Carroll98DL
Akos Ashoti99DL