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Under 11 Flag 2023 Season Review

Read what Under 11 Flag Head Coach Trish Bainbridge had to say about the 2023 season…

Our Under 11 flag team (for girls and boys aged 7-11 years of age) started the season in January at a new venue and changed the training days to a Saturday. Coach Lisa and I, along with six eligible players returned following a successful previous year. We recruited well and welcomed coach Jay to the team to lead the offense as well as welcoming eight new players. Both offense and defence trained hard, which was reflected on the field throughout the season. Our offense learnt a new playbook which led to more touchdowns, and our defence, who were mainly made up of rookies stopped numerous touchdowns throughout all five tournaments.

Our first tournament in Southampton started well with two impressive wins and scoring 55 points over three games. For our second tournament we travelled to Margate and despite only having nine players and having no less than six touchdowns called back, we still managed to put points on the scoreboard. Throughout the season the players improved week on week. They trained and played with confidence, passion and commitment and the coaches and I couldn’t be prouder of the achievements from each and every player.

Although we are sad to see Jesse, Sahej and Ted leave us to join the U14’s next season; we wish them well as they continue their Exiles journey!

We would like to thank all the parents for their amazing support of their children, bringing them to training and attending tournaments. It is fair to say that we have the best supporters on the sidelines!