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Youth Report – 18th May 2019

After a solid start of the season, on the 18th of May the Exiles youth team attempted to carry on their path to Britbowl at the London Blitz home ground.

The youth team kicked off against the home team, the Blitz. The Exiles came out dominating with seemingly every offence drive ending in the endzone.

The Blitz offence struggled against the unstoppable Exiles defense in the first half. Going into the second half with the advantage the Exiles continued to drive and score. After a few miss coverages and long runs from the Blitz the Exiles ended the game with a win, managing to score over 50 points in the process.

The second game kicked off against the East Kent Mavericks. Once again the Exile offence racked up the score against the mavericks. Even the Exile defense got on the score sheet with safeties and a touchdown from the nose-tackle from a fumbled ball. The Exiles finished the game with another score over 50 and a clean sheet from the defence, for the first Exile shutout of the year.

The final game of the day was against the London warriors, after a few tough games and a small squad, the coach called the game before the half. Both coaches were disappointed, with the Warriors players wanting to continue even with injuries.

This ended the day with the youth team coming away with their first 3 and 0 tournament of the year. Placing them second on the leaderboard behind Cobham and putting them in a even better standing to enter and win Britbowl 2019.