Who are the Kent Exiles?

The Kent Exiles offer access to, what we consider to be, the “Greatest Team Sport in the World” for all genders from ages 7 upwards. Formed in 1990 in Edenbridge with a dedicated group of twenty die-hard American Football fans, the club now numbers over three-hundred members across its different sections.

We have teams at Adult Contact, (18+); Adult Flag (16+), Women’s Contact, (16+); Under 19 Contact, (16-19); Under 16 Contact, (13-16); Under 11 Flag, (7-11); Under 14 Flag, (11-14) and Under 17 Flag (14-17). We have seen remarkable growth in all sections over the past few years.


We aim to promote the sport of American Football, developing players to their highest potential in a positive environment, while encouraging discipline, commitment, integrity and respect both on and off the pitch.


We will provide an environment for all involved to achieve personal and team excellence through our five Core Values:



RESPECT – Everyone in the team is valued and is expected to show respect to each other, officials, opponents and the game of football.

INTEGRITY – Honesty and trust are central to the team, with every member being expected to always demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles.

DEVELOPMENT – We will provide players and coaches the opportunity to learn, develop and progress their skills and abilities.

COMMITMENT – There must be willingness to give up time and energy to achieve the team goals, and dedication to each other by committing to training, game days and Club events.

ENJOYMENT – Having fun, enjoying football, and feeling part of the Club is fundamental to its overall success.


• To develop a framework for achieving excellence, for both our players and coaching staff;

• To aspire to the very highest standards of play;

We are very lucky at the Exiles to have a group of outstanding Coaches & Volunteers without whom none of this would be possible. We strive to offer a welcoming, inclusive experience for all. We can offer high-quality coaching with several of our coaching staff being a part of the GB Lions National Programme. Recent opportunities have opened up allowing some of our coaches and staff to work at schools throughout Kent, bringing football to a whole new audience. We are always looking for new people to come and join us to make our journey even greater! If you have an interest in American Football and want to get involved, then the Exiles may be the club for you!

Once an Exile; Always an Exile!