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London WarriorsVSKent Exiles
26 May 2019 - 14:30Greenwich University, Southwood Site

The Kent Exiles offer access to, what we consider to be, the “Greatest Team Sport in the World” for both boys & girls/men & women from ages 7 upwards. Formed in 1990 in Edenbridge with a dedicated group of twenty die-hard American Football fans, the club now numbers over three-hundred members across its different sections.

We have teams at Adult kitted, (18+); Women’s kitted, (16+); Junior kitted, (16-19); Youth kitted, (14-16); Youth Flag, (11-14); and Cadet Flag, (7-11). We have seen remarkable growth in all sections over the past few years.

Fixtures & Results

London Olympians 33 VS 23 Kent Exiles
Bristol Aztecs 0 VS 9 Kent Exiles
Kent ExilesVSLondon Blitz
London WarriorsVSKent Exiles
Farnham KnightsVSKent Exiles
Kent ExilesVSBristol Aztecs
Kent ExilesVSLondon Olympians
Kent ExilesVSLondon Warriors
London BlitzVSKent Exiles
Kent ExilesVSFarnham Knights
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