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Poster with details of the ITA v GBR game

GB News: Exiles join U19 team, GB Men play on Sunday, Exiles Women hope to join GB squad

The following Exile players were successful at the recent GB Lions U19 trials:

DB Gabriel Olatunji-Ojo
DB Chijioke Davies
OL Ethan Villalta*
WR Noah Rimmer-Potin
WR Muawiyah At-Thahabi (MK)

They will join existing Exiles in the U19 GB setup:

LB Michael Alade
RB Samuel Crabbe
DL Brandon Tennant
WR Jack Sanctuary
RB Terron (TJ) Thompson
WR Callum Boden

Our own Scott Rowe is currently Head Coach for the U19 GB Programme.

* Ethan follows in the footsteps of his older brother, Aaron who was a starting Guard on the young Lions 2022 campaigns in Italy and Denmark back in the Summer.

A huge congratulations to the players selected.

U19 will play next in Spring 2023.


In GB Men’s news, our very own Adam Lillis is Interim Offensive Coordinator and WR coach, and will be flying with the Mane Men to Vigorelli, Milan for their game against Italy for the final stage of the 2023 European Championship Qualifiers. This will be the only game for Group A*, and a win will see GB qualify for the European semi-finals in 2023.

Poster with details of the ITA v GBR game

Kickoff 4pm UK time, Sunday 30th October 2022

Look out for Exiles Junior Program and 2021 Adult Team alum RB Bolaji Adewale, who currently plays at University of Nottingham.


In GB Women’s National Programme news, the following Exiles will be attending a GB Development Day on 19th November with the hope of being selected for the Women’s Practice Squad:

Charlie George
Sophie George
Lisa Edwards
Sophie Cook
Suzy Millard
Vicki Lucas
Vic Bell
Tara Burgess

The GB Women will play in 2 games next year, look out for more details!