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Women’s Team Head Coach Carl Alexis Previews Saturdays Upcoming Tournament at London Warriors


Welcome to the start of the new National Women’s Football League (South East division)!


It’s a new league, a new season and we have some new opponents.


Since the disappointing end to our last season (where our assault on the championship was halted not by an opponent but by the outbreak of the dreaded COVID-19) we have continued to build and develop our team to be ready for the new challenges that we will face. We spent the time away from training like most teams with online classrooms, online fitness sessions and even some online quiz nights and although they were no substitute for actual on field training they allowed both new and old players to get to grips with the cerebral portion of the game. On return to the field you could immediately see the benefits of all the online work as they seamlessly slipped back into a normal training routine.


Pro-active recruiting has allowed us to bolster our squad with a host of new and talented players and when added to our solid group of returning veterans we had a whole new dynamic develop within the team. A pre-season scrimmage against our old adversaries the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts gave us the perfect opportunity to get our rookies ‘wet behind the ears’ and barring a few hiccups they performed admirably and demonstrated their potential not just to their coaches but to themselves as well.


In the upcoming tournament we will be facing the Wembley Stallions and the London Warriors, one team that we have met before and one we have not. However as last season they were both were in the division above us we can expect to face a higher level of opponent than we have seen in the past. But that will not faze, we are approaching the games as we always do in our distinctive Exile style and we will be playing to win no matter who our opponents are. Expect to see a balanced mix of runs and passes from our hugely versatile offence and watch as our defence sets out to continue where they left off stifling all our opponents plans.