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Adult Team Head Coach John Moore Previews Saturdays Upcoming Tournament At London Blitz


Welcome to the Exiles 2021 season!


This Sunday we play our first game in the London Conference against the London Blitz at Finsbury Park. Kick off is at 4pm.

It seems like an age since we last played football and so much has happened. Through sometimes very difficult times a desire to play football and be part of a team was always there.


So here we are a few days away from taking the field…


Much has changed at the Exiles, there are some old faces and there are some new faces. We have made sure that we have taken every opportunity to improve the team. Recruiting players and coaches alike who share our objectives. We have 2 new coordinators:

Coach Adam Lillis, Exiles veteran, former HC at City University and Adult GB running backs coach has put together a brand new offense which the players have embraced and are excited to play in and I think you guys will be excited to watch.

Coach Neo Edwards, who has built a defense that mirrors his passionate personality. Coach Neo has been successful for many years, and he knows what must be done to raise our levels of play and compete at this level.

2021 is not an ordinary season, we find ourselves in a London conference with the Blitz, Warriors and Olympians.  Already the Britball media has written us off, feeling sorry for us, predicting 0 – 6 records and so on.


Same old narrative.


It is that narrative that we are setting out to change, we have progressed every year and this year will be no different. We used every minute of the time we had to get better. We set out to challenge the players to do what is necessary to compete at the very highest level. Last time out we experienced this level, we had to go through a tough process, and now we understand what is required. That clarity attracted coaches and players alike.


New culture, new players, new plays.


But words don’t mean much. Sunday, we face off against the Blitz and see exactly where we are as team. They are a great opponent with a rich history of success. Last time we played them, we did not have enough players who believed that they were good enough to compete. I believe that this a key difference as we go into this season. Our belief in ourselves has grown.


Let’s see what we can do.


Stay safe and I hope to see you soon.


Coach John Moore