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Adult Team Head Coach John Moore Previews Sundays Upcoming Home Match Against the London Warriors at Beccahamians RFC

Two games in and no wins. 

Same old Exiles? I think not.


We aren’t playing make weight games here. We are playing against the best teams in the country. These tests are tough. We were disappointed that we lost two games that we could have won. We left points out there, made mistakes.

We must learn from these types of games. We were in similar territory in 2018. Every game that year was a war, never knowing whether we would win or not. Playing teams that were very closely matched.

Those types of games made us mentally tough so that when the big challenges came, the Play-off games, the Monsoon bowl we came through because we were toughened by our experiences.

So now we are in the same situation. Getting into close games, fighting wars. But now we are at the top level. So that is a measure of the progress we have made.

Same wars…higher level.

This week we play against the National Champions the London Warriors.

They are yet to play a game having lost their first game against the Olympians to COVID. We are not shy of this challenge; we relish the opportunity to play the best team in the country. That is how we will grow and get better. We made a conscious decision at the beginning of the year to test ourselves against the best. It would have been easy to pick our opponents and take easier match ups but what would be the point?

We earned the right to be in the Premiership, that is where we will play.

The current COVID-19 spike and the associated so called ” Pingdemic” are taking their toll on all aspects of society and we as a team are not immune. We have lost a player a day this week. Those that are ill are well enough thankfully. We consider this an opportunity for the next guys to step up and show what they can do. They have worked hard, and they deserve an opportunity to play against the best.

How do you go about the task of convincing the players they can compete against teams like the Warriors?

I have been asked this a few times this week. Well, we just showed we can complete against the Blitz, and nobody thought that was possible. Simple answer is we ask our players to believe in themselves, give great effort every play and compete every snap. Just keep doing those things let the game develop and let’s see what the score board says at the end.


Enjoy the game.

Coach John Moore