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Exiles win John Slavin Award for game day management

Kent Exiles Win Game Day Management Award!
We’re delighted to share the news that the club have been awarded the BAFRA’s John Slavin Award for game management for the Premiership for our adult team. The awards are made by BAFRA, the referees’ association, to teams that show outstanding commitment to improving the game experience for players and fans, as well as officials.
This wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of all the volunteers who help us provide a great gameday experience for everyone, or the excellent facilities and support we receive from our host venue The Beaverwood Club. Thank you everyone!
The Club will be presented with the award by BAFRA president Davie Parsons at Britbowl next Sunday.
Each year, BAFRA award the John Slavin Trophy, named after a long-serving official and some-time director who sadly died in 2005. In even-numbered years, this goes to the team with the best field markings whilst in odd-numbered years, such as this, it is awarded to teams with the best game day management. Each game, the officials score teams based on a number of factors including facilities for officials and spectators with 0 representing a perfect score. These numbers are totted up over the season to decide the overall winners.