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Exiles Youth season kicks off

On the 27th of April, the Exiles Youth program kicked off the season with a home game after their 3-0 friendly only a few weeks before. Coming off the three wins at the previous festival of football the team was ready to continue the way they left off. With the first game against London Blitz, the Exiles came out with a one-drive score to start the day off well. This then continued throughout the game with the offence scoring on almost every drive and the defence stopping nearly all of the Blitz’s attempts to level the score.

After coming off the win to the Blitz the Exiles had high energy for their second game of the year, Cobham Cougars. After a first half of back to back scoring from both teams the Exiles had the lead going into the half, this high excitement game continued into the second half with both Exiles and Cougars scoring regularly leading to an unpredictable final score. WIth less than a minute left the Youth team scored a final touchdown, meaning they needed an extra point to tie up the game with a few seconds left. After a unfortunate drop in the endzone the Cougars got the close win to leave the Exiles with a 1-1 record at this point. In the final game of the day against the Wembley Stallions the Exiles had the clear lead going into the half with the offence scoring on seemingly every attempt and the fantastic defense stopping every Stallions drive, not allowing them a first down in the first half. This high scoring pace continued for the Exiles in the second half as the defence continued to stop the Stallions, only allowing them two scores in the entire game. In the final minute of the game the Exiles Youth Squad opted to kneel the game leaving them to finish the day with a 2-1 record. With a great start to the season the Youth players and coaches are excited to continue their push to make Britbowl 2019.